A Push to Get The Game Gold


To get the game ready for gold master in two weeks, I held a meeting to get the team together to set goals. We wanted to make the game as playable and “finished” as possible before our deadline to have more time to polish and playtest our game before it is due. We agreed that the game should be in a submittable state by the end of this sprint. Though this doesn’t mean that the game will be “perfect” or that we would be finished with it, it does mean that we could send it to someone and they could play our intended experience.


Here is a list of features and content that needed inclusion for this sprint to be considered a success:

  • get character texture in game scene
  • make a bug list
  • get done 3D assets in the game scene
  • getting the game playable (shouldn’t crash and should be playable from start to end)
  • object lighting/texture
  • global lighting
  • skybox
  • puzzles and interactions
  • ambient sound
  • jumping bugs resolved
  • walking audio bug resolved (footstep sound effect playing twice on angle walking)
  • gameplay target time of around 6 minutes (as a speed run)
  • strafe/diagonal walking slows the movement speed (low priority, only fix now if there is time)

We then took these goals and divided them among our group members, to make sure everyone had responsibilities in this week long sprint, and held everyone accountable to accomplish the agreed upon goals.

End Results

At the end of this sprint week we have been quite successful and hit nearly all goals.

  • The character textures are in the system, but have not been applied to the character in the game scene yet
  • the bug list is underway, being populated and having major bugs (A bugs) have been resolved
  • the 3D assets are in the project and have been roughly applied, further implementation of 3D assets is still needed but all made ones are in the system ready to go in the scene
  • the game doesn’t crash, it is playable from start to finish (with the exception of a section being redesigned for gameplay purposes)
  • we have preliminary object lighting/textures in the scene and will seem more implementation as more assets get in
  • global lighting has been implemented, just spot lighting and polish will be needed in the future
  • the skybox is in and ready
  • all puzzles are in and playable, intractable objects that are mandatory to the game are in
  • ambient sound is in the system, but not in the game scene yet
  • jumping bugs have been resolved
  • walking bugs have been resolved
  • gameplay speed run target time is is within appropriate ranges

Overall this sprint was successful in getting the game in a presentable ready to play form that allows us to focus on polish and improving gameplay over the coming weeks in preparation for gold master.