Game Testing


The primary purpose of holding a play test session is to get feedback from real players that you can review and analyze. However, just having people play the game you are making isn’t helpful in itself. It requires preemptive planning so you know what you’re testing for and what to ask players about your game for helpful and constructive feedback that can result in a better overall game. For our game XOR (Project Singleton? We’ll see) we will be conducting a play test and focus test session semi-simultaneously due to time constraints. To be effective on both fronts, we need a strong questionnaire for the player to complete with meaningful questions, whose answers can provide tangible feedback, all under one blanket testing before going toward production.


  • Concept

    • These questions will focus in the areas of:
      • the main game concept,
      • is the game fun?
      •  what parts are fun?
      •  why are they fun?
      •  does the game interest them?
    • With these types of questions we will be able to determine where in our game we are on the right track and why.

  • Level Design

    • These questions will focus in the areas of:
      • is this what a level should be like in the game?
      • is the level fun?
      • where are the dull parts?
      • is the path clear?
      • is it clear that some paths are not mandatory?
    • With these types of questions we aim to see how players perceive the world we’ve made and if they understand how to navigate them and where to go.

  • Teaching

    • These questions will focus in the areas of:
      • What do we have to teach the player for them to be effective at the game?
      • What ways can we do this?
      • How well do we teach the player?
      • Are our mechanics clear with visuals that help the player understand what is happening?
      • How well does the game lead you?
      • Is our language used cohesively?
    • These questions focus heavily on assuring that the player knows how to interact with the game in the available ways and reinforcing where we can improve the game’s UI in regards to visually representing how mechanics behave.

  • Game Feel

    • These questions will focus in the areas of:
      • How does the camera feel?
      • How is the character’s movement pace?
      • Are the controls responsive?
      • Do the controls make sense?
      • Do the visuals make sense in terms of world feel?
      • How is the scale of the player? The environment?
      • How does it feel to play overall?
    • These questions will allow us to understand the player’s thinking and feelings from playing the game and will provide insight into tweaks that may need to be made to feature such as speed or obtuse visuals.