Here is an annotated bibliography as well as some other sources I am looking at while researching for my “Deep-Dive” paper.


Daliot, Amit. (2015, May).  Functional Animation In UX Design.

This article is an example of how UX design in other fields approaches designing a user experience. The article specifically talks about the use of animation and animation principals in designing a user experience. This relates somewhat to my topic of user experience design and how that connects to game design. When designing a user experience animations can make a large impact and this article describes those impacts and why they should be used.

Di Sciullo, Mark. How to Use Disney’s Principles of Animation to Improve UX.

This article is another example of how animation makes an impact on a user’s experience. It remarks on some similar points to the previous article, however, this article takes a focus on what can been gained from looking at Disney’s principals of animation and applying these principals to UI (or in my case, gameplay) to improve the user experience.

Klaucke, Christian. (2015, August). 3 Animation Techniques UX designers Need to Know.

This article again remarks on the use of animation in regards to user experience design but takes a focus on three specific principals that UX designers should know when trying to create an experience. This article will continue to support one of my points of animation towards UX design.

Pierce, Preston. (2016, February). UI Animation – An Ideal Tool for Immersive UX. Article No: 1577.

One more article that looks at animation principals and how the use of these principals can be used to improve user experience. It continues to go over how animation can be a helpful tool to UX designers and how it improves immersiveness while using the designed product.

Schnee, Clint. (2015, July). How to Game Friction for Better UX. Article No: 1514.

This article refers to how other disciplines can learn from how video games “game friction” to design a better experience. It delves into how games use UI/UX “friction” on purpose to intentionally slow some aspects of the experience to create intentional tensions. This article will be useful to me, as it will help identify some aspects of UX design that is more exclusive to games and why these aspects are important.


Stapleton, Luke.  How UX Design Affects the Success of Video Games.

This article discusses how mindfulness towards UX design can improve the success of video games. This article will be very helpful to my research as it makes arguments towards how games benefit from UX design, the necessity of it, and why it should be carefully thought out while designing a video game.

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